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Calibration fiducial design file


Fiducial used for calibrating pick and place machine

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PnP machine will need fiducial to calibrate the nozzle head, camera etc,

The fiducials included in this item contains 4 different height,

  • plane height 46mm
  • Work plane height 43mm
  • plane height 40mm
  • plane height 37mm

Model for center mark also included and need to be printed in different color.

The center dots are provided in different size in order to account for printing tolerance.

3D Print settings

  • Please make sure your 3D printer doesn’t have elephant foot problem, because the design allows 0.1mm tolerance, if elephant foot problem exists, it will be difficult to fit to the base plate.
  • With 0.3mm – 0.4mm layer height
  • 0.4mm line width
  • No support needed



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