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DIY Pick and place machine – A few simple steps to convert your 3D printer to a pick and place machine

Control development board available

30 EUR/Year for all digital design

Assembled nozzle head available

Strip PCB for position aware feature

Design with rich features

  • Multi-functional nozzle head
    • Part rotation
    • Air pump connection
    • Nozzle tip exchange
    • Top camera
    • Nozzle up down movement
  • Bottom camera
  • Base plate with flexible mounting
  • Nozzle tips with different sizes
  • Nozzle tip switch
  • Calibration fiducial
  • Adapt to different 3D printers Currently supported
    • Anycubic Mega SE
    • Ender CR10
    • Ender3V2
    • KP3S Pro S1
  • Cassette feeder with 8mm strip
  • Strip feeder

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