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Cassette feeder trimmer version – v1.0


Small form factor feeder that can hold strip for more than 150 components (0402)

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The cassette feeder is design to take minimal surface space while providing more capacity to hold components.

And in the mean time it eases the component management and reload activity.

This item includes design files for

  • trimmer version (64mm long x 12mm width)
    • 8mm cassette feeder (Type A and B. 2 types are required to mount on the Lego baseplate side by side. Each Lego increment is 8mm, so 12 mm will take 1.5 increment, therefore the mounting profile is differnt for type A and B)

3D Print settings

  • Please make sure your 3D printer doesn’t have elephant foot problem, because the design allows 0.1mm tolerance, if elephant foot problem exists, it will be difficult to fit to the base plate.
  • With 0.2 or 0.3mm layer height
  • 0.4mm line width
  • The support is built in, in slicer support doens’t need to be enabled (the yellow part as shown in the 3D model preview is the supports, can be removed after print)
  • There is an arrow on the side indicating the print direction. The bottom of the arrow should be the bottom side.

This is free deign, after checkout, there will be a Download link to download the stl file bundle.

Change log:

2023-08-31 : updated the mounting profile to let it mount better on base plate.

2023-10-15 : changed the design to provide better operational handling, ex. exchange feeders, strip forward mechanism



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