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Supporting the JUKI nozzle tips

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Recently I got a request to support other types of nozzle tips, and I know the JUKI nozzle tips are quite popular, so I decided to add support for this type of nozzle tip. The requirements I have in mind is that it should be

  • Stable when mounting the nozzle tip
  • Air tight
  • Easier to release
  • Support as big tolerance as possible
  • Easy to print
  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong

With the requirements in mind, after quite some testing and iterations, here are the designs. I made an opening at the top of the nozzle to provide flexibility to adapt bigger tolerance. Besides, inside the nozzle top, there is a clicking mechanism to make sure it can hold the nozzle tip in position. I also designed a nozzle tip change station for it (will be available soon, still testing). Details can be found on my youtube channel

After printing out and assembling it, it works well. Here is what it looks like. I have updated the design on the website and the nozzle tip changer will come later. For people who already got the advanced version, you can go to the download link directly and download the updated version. Feel free to leave a comment here. Enjoy!

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