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Nozzle tip change station design file v3


Nozzle tip change station, supporting 2 nozzles

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The nozzle tip change station is used to hold different sizes of nozzle tips for nozzle head to switch the tips during placement job.

This is version 2 of the change station, it optimized the stability to provide enough force for nozzle tips to go in position easily.

  • 2 nozzle tips are supported
  • Can be mount flexibly


  • 2024-02-12: Changed the design so that it can be mount firmly and make it easy for nozzle tip to slide in and out

3D Print settings

  • Please make sure your 3D printer doesn’t have elephant foot problem, because the design allows 0.1mm tolerance, if elephant foot problem exists, it will be difficult to fit to the base plate.
  • With 0.3mm – 0.4mm layer height
  • 0.4mm line width
  • No support needed



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