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Nozzle tips full bundle design file


This design will be available soon!

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Nozzle tips are used to pick up the components.

This design contains both normal nozzle tip and Juki compatible nozzle tip design.

So during the design of the component, several aspect has been focus

  • The capability of attach component
  • Support different size of components (0201,0402,0603,0803, various chip up to 15mmx15mm chip)
  • Easily switchable by nozzle

Nozzle dimension

  • 28mm height
  • 10mm widest

The design file contains 9 size

  • 0.2mm tip hole – for 0201
  • 0.4mm tip hole – for 0402, 0603
  • 0.6mm tip hole – for 0603, 0805
  • 1.0mm tip hole – for 0805, 1206, 1210
  • 1.4mm tip hole – for 1210, 2010
  • 2.4mm tip hole – for chips
  • 4.0mm tip hole – for chips
  • 4.6mm tip hole – for chips
  • 5.2mm tip hole – for chips
  • 8mm tip hole – for chips
  • 10mm tip hole – for chips

The design file will be downable after payment is done.

Note – It is very difficult to print the nozzle tip hole below 0.6mm with FDM 3D printer, so the resin printer is recommended here.

To make it easier for the camera to identify, draker colors are recommended, ex. Black, dark gray, etc.



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